Athens’ Hometown Orthodontist

Hometown Orthodontist – A Dream Come True

To have been Athens' hometown orthodontist for over 30 years has been such a blessing. It is still hard for me to grasp how fortunate I have been to be a part of this community, to have raised my family here and to have shared in so many friendships.

My wife and partner, Doris, has been at the center of my practice from the beginning and is largely responsible for its success. Doris has quite literally supported me ever since we were married (while I was still a dental student, and she was still a dental hygiene student at the University of Tennessee). After Doris' graduation, she worked full-time to help pay for my remaining dental education; then, later, she would work full-time to send me through orthodontic school at The Ohio State University.

After I graduated from orthodontic school, Doris and I decided that Athens would be the perfect place to open our practice. My ancestors had actually helped to settle Athens; I am related to many people here, and my birthplace is only 30 minutes away in Dayton. I had always wanted to work in a small community and to maintain a single orthodontic office where I could concentrate on delivering quality care to my patients. With Doris' dental hygiene degree and her natural business savvy, I quickly realized she would be an ideal office manager. After some convincing, Doris agreed, and the Athens’ Hometown Orthodontic Team was born.

With the help of a great staff of employees, we have streamlined our procedures in such a way that I am able to maximize my involvement, step-by-step, during each patient's appointments. The efficient use of time has allowed for greater attention to detail and for earlier customization of appliances as our patients progress through their treatments. Along with our durable retainers and effective post-treatment care, I believe it is the extra emphasis toward personalizing treatment that has produced the many successes that can still be seen in our patients' smiles as they are growing up here in Athens.

Our original goals have not changed. We are committed to giving our patients the quality care they deserve, treating everyone with the same care that we would want for ourselves or for our own children.

In the past few years, I occasionally get inquiries into the purchase of my practice, but my answer continues to be the same. I am simply not ready to consider retirement. I have come to the realization that it is working, rather than retiring, that I look forward to. My enjoyment is serving my community, supporting my employees and using the skills that I have been blessed with to improve the lives of my patients and to see them smile.

Doris and I look forward to many more years of service in our hometown office, our DREAM COME TRUE.

Philip K. Arnold, D.D.S., M.S., P.C.